A downloadable drum simulator for Windows

You've discovered a very old project of mine, the Echoplex Drum Simulator, e.g. Nine Inch Nails 2008 live tour giant "touch-screen" step-sequencer simulator. Does that sound like I'm speaking another language? Here's a video of what we're simulating:

In addition to the above, the app adds custom sequence length (or loop points, depending on how you look at it), BPM, volume levels, and pitch controls, as well as a whole bunch of sounds you can choose other than the standard *dum* and *tish* from Echoplex. All sounds included were pulled direct from multitrack sources publicly available online. Please note that the BPM is not 100% perfect all the time - this is a toy, not a professional music tool!!

If you enjoy this project, check out my & Jay Tholen's latest work Hypnospace Outlaw, and keep an eye out for the sequel Dreamsettler!

This project was uploaded for archival/historical purposes, it is Windows only and will likely never be updated. There used to also be iOS and Android app versions of this project, but they are so old they've been removed or hidden from the app stores - the Android version might be added at some point. Also I may update this page later to look more professional, but this is what you've got for now, enjoy!


Echoplex Drum Sim 2 MB


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pretty cool